About Me

Ex Model - Pro Makeup Artist - Retoucher

I started life as a model and then moved into makeup. My then partner was a photographer and he couldn't get his head around Photoshop but it just all clicked with me and made complete sense so I starting photoshopping all his images for him and from there I started doing work for other photographers.

I have a very artistic mind and am happy to either follow a brief on how you would like the images to look or you can leave it up to me - the choice is yours.

I am experienced in all types of retouch work from Landscapes to Industrial and Portait to Nudes.

Thales Retouching

If you would like a quote on how much it will cost to retouch your image/images just drop me an email with a .jpg/.jpgs of the images that need work on and I will email you a quotation and time scale.

When sending the images to you that you want worked on please send me either the RAW files/ .TIFF or High Resolution .JPG the bigger the file is better to work on. When you image/images are done I will email you samples that will be watermarked with "SAMPLE" on them for your approval. Once you are happy with your image payment can be made by Bank Transfer which is preferable however I can also take PAYPAL.