Tommi Orchards by PVII

How it Works

You send me your image/images and I will give you a no obligation quotation of how much it will cost to do the work.
Once your job is complete I will email you samples of your image/images for your approval and once you are happy you get the final images either as a download from my server or posted through to you - the choice is yours.
If you require a large number of images to be done then either send a zip file to me of all the images as small jpgs or send a selection of sample images to me to give me an idea of what the batch of images look like then I can sort out a quote for your job.

If you have an old photograph that you want restored you can either send me the original image through the mail and I will scan it and retouch it or you can scan it at home using your own scanner but please ensure that you scan it correctly and at the correct DPI - Dots Per Inch. If you are unsure check here for the best way of scanning.


Payment is required before your final images are sent to you and can be paid by either BACS (direct bank transfer) or by PayPal.

If you want to pay by cheque the cheque has to clear through my bank before I can send the images to you.

Contact MeContact Me

Telephone: 07923 535 131