Tommi Orchards by PVII

What it costs

My prices are very affordable and I will give you an honest estimation on how long an image will take and how much it will cost you without any hidden charges.
My prices are based on what the image requires and I do not have a minimum fee. I do not charge by the hour.

If you would like a quote for your images please get intouch for a "No Obligation" free quotation.

I am unable to give you a price without knowing how much work an image requires.

However prices can start as little as £5 per image.

Advanced Work

Images that require advanced work include images that need the following:

  • Backgrounds replaced with a solid colour.
  • Backgrounds replaced with a new background - either suppliedby the client or by myself.
  • Advanced image polishing.
  • Major Image recontruction.
  • Items being removed from the image.